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Hide distractions from powerful platforms

Internet platforms empower users. By design, you stay longer on these platforms then you anticipated. Otli hides distracting features from these platforms to let you focus on what you intended to do.

How to hide distractions from a website

  • Add the Otli extension to your browser of choice (currently available for ChromeFirefox & Edge)

  • The distracting content on the  supported websites  will now be covered by the extension.

  • If you do want show the hidden content, simply click the   icon to temporarily show the content. To remove the distraction again, simply click the  icon.

  • The extension can be disabled for a longer period of time on the dashboard menu. The dashboard can be reached by clicking the  icon on a distraction blocker. Alternatively you can reach the dashboard through the extension menu on the top right corner in the browser’s window.


  • Hide distracting elements from websites.

  • Quickly disable the distraction blocker to reach the content you need.

Supported Platforms

  • Remove the suggested video page on YouTube.

  • Remove related videos on YouTube.

  • Remove the feed on Facebook.

  • Remove stories on Facebook.

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